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".. parents and children would really enjoy learning together through play!"
"Pleasing artwork and voices (male and female) gently beckon and encourage co-play"
Featured in Australia, New Zeland and 16 more countries
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Connecting application that helps daycares, camps, tutoring schools, parents to improve their connection, escape from chaos and make all processes with kids organized.
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Educational curriculums

Educational early childhood curriculums developed with early childhood experts with real work experience 20+ years. Curriculums are easy to use and do not demand additional preparations. It is fun and educative same time.

Tablet games

Tablet games are co-developed with professional early childhood teachers and develop exact milestones. It includes progress report for parent and 4 stages of difficulty for child. All game sessions are limited based on pediatricians’ demands.

* Tablet games currently available for iPad only

Parenting E-books & E-workbooks

Parenting e-books are created by early childhood experts and focused on stages of child’s development. E-books include exact instructions with simple description and illustrated steps what parent could do to help child grow and develop successfully. E-workbooks and printables - focused on exact skills development. It provides different tasks for child be improve knowledge and mastery and helpful for parent to use as additional educative tool.

Educational Assessments by Specialists

Educational assessments are possibility for parents to evaluate children’s educational level. Developed by early childhood professionals it provides educational feedbacks supported by teachers’ explanations and could be used in everyday learning.

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