In today's world, most parents are busy. Work takes up most of their day, and they have little time to spend with children. The benefit of our software is that it enables parents to spend high-quality time with their kids.

A parent always knows how to interact with children, how to shower them with attention, love and care, while also making sure they benefit from the exchange in the long run. Children get the attention they need, they feel engaged, they are captivated and thus, they develop. With each interaction, children develop that much more love and trust for their parents. The atmosphere within the family improves, tight family bonds are created, and the child grows up surrounded by love.

What we believe is important when creating educational tools:

  • We make innovative and simple tools that are convenient even for the busy parent. Ready to use. Beneath a casual gaming approach there is a solid educational foundation. The aim is to develop critical skills in the child.
  • At the core of our educational tools is an important principle: spend quality time with your child, play together, create lasting memories, and achieve top results. Time spent away from the child can never be recovered. With minimal effort, you can always engage your child, strengthen family bonds and contribute to your child’s future success. After all, the parent is the most important person to a child!
  • For improved results, we also provide the services of an educational coach. This is a certified child development professional who will guide you along the exercise curriculum. The coach will help with any questions and technical issues that may arise, give a hand in dealing with age-related problems, and help cultivate in the child a love and interest for learning.