Marguerite Malone

Marketing manager, Blogger

Go to girl, problem solver and marketing manager, Marguerite Malone is a nature loving, foodie and mother of two overly energetic enthusiastic children. A love of learning and an interest in just about everything landed her in school for a teaching degree rounding out her curiosity with an MBA in Human Resource & Change Management from Colorado Technical Institute.

A life on the move as a military spouse had her dabbling in various careers from Medical Insurance Human Resources to running a Big Brothers Big Sisters of America organization. Working with children gave her a firm life long direction and a passion to improve the lives of children around her. Kidmastermind is the perfect organization for her to work with families while being home with her own children.

Marguerite’s endeavors are not limited to her career but expand into volunteering in her community and the school her children attend. She supplements her children’s education through play and daily living, traveling with them as often as possible to big cities, hiking mountains, and sitting on the beach providing them with as much exposure education as possible. Marguerite believes that parents are their children’s greatest teachers.