Rachael Miller

ECE program writer, Blogger

I'm Rachael, and I am a teacher and a mother. I have always loved teaching and working with young children. I started as a nanny, then as a dance teacher, before getting my teaching degree from the Pennsylvania State University.

I have had the pleasure of teaching preschool, second grade (ages 7 and 8), and fourth grade (ages 9 and 10). I have always wanted the opportunity to help parents see the value of being their child's first teacher.

My son was born a year and a half ago and I made the difficult decision to leave the classroom and stay at home with him. I am loving every minute of helping him learn and explore his world. Being home I have been given the opportunity to be a part of something I really believe in, helping parents foster a love for learning in their children. Not only is it a wonderful thing you can do for your children, it is actually very simple to incorporate into even the busiest lifestyle!