Blog / Games To Survive The Waiting

by Marguerite Malone,
July 29, 2014

Hurry Up And Wait! That’s the typical game we play when we rush to a last minute doctors appointment with our sick kid. You drive like crazy to get there on time and then you sit and you wait and you wait. You’re not sure who’s more impatient you or your little cherub. They don’t feel good and you can’t make them better. Add to that an insanely boring waiting room and a long wait and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

I’ve been lucky enough to have some parents share with me their favorite “wait it out” games.

1. I Spy – pick an object in the room and say “I spy something blue” or whatever color the object is. Your little one has to guess until they get it right and then its their turn to spy something.

2. Guess a Number/Letter - Pick a number or letter and let your child try to guess what it is.

3. Don’t Laugh – Make silly faces at each other to see who laughs first. You can also play this with the copy cat game.

4. Story Creation – Create a story together by starting off with two sentences of the story and then let your child do the next two sentences. Switch back and forth until you’ve created your very own book.

5. ABC Game – Pick a topic. Animals, Names, Places etc… and then each person has to name a for each letter of the alphabet. Whoever can’t think of a word for a letter looses ☺

6. I’m Thinking Of – you choose a word (animal, place, object, person, etc..) and then let your players ask yes or no questions until they figure out what you’re thinking of.

It is always hard to wait whether it’s at the doctors or on a long drive. These fun games help a lot but I do suggest coming prepared when you can. Bring along some hand held games, crayons, books, toys, snacks and a drink. I even resort to electronics on these occasions. Waiting is stressful enjoy a peaceful wait when you can.


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