Blog / How to Bring Up a Successful Child?

by Natalie Sokoloff,
January 08, 2015

A manual for a busy parent

7 simple steps:

1. Start as soon as the child is born!

Look 5 years ahead. What happens if your child starts developing only at the nursery? What will they learn? Will this knowledge give them the right skills for the future? What will they get from you and what will they remember? Won't you regret that you could have, but didn't, do more?

2. Be prepared to actively spend time with your child.

Otherwise you won't get anywhere. The subjects to consider include discipline, sleep, dad's participation, and so on. A list of important areas one has to cover in advance.

3. Choose a development program and practice it regularly.

Personalised program is a time-tested and the most effective solution. It gives a review of child's most crucial skills, provides different approaches (the Montessori Method, and playful learning).

One-off craft exercises from blogs or content packs you can order by mail. Why are programs better than exercises? Even as little as 15 minutes a day is sufficient!)

4. Bring out the child's hidden potential and talents.

Find and set up a program to match your child.

5. Do not give your child a tablet / computer with games without control!

Safe stuff and time of play is critical.

6. Get professional advice.

Why do this? Your talk to nursery teachers will give decision you could search for ages as from friends, online forums, and so on.

7. Celebrate your child's progress together!


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