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by Rachael Miller,
July 09, 2014

Can you educate your child at home, even though you aren't a teacher? Absolutely! If you are asking yourself this question, you're already halfway there. The fact that you feel strong enough about your child's education to teach him yourself is a sign that you'll be an excellent teacher, and definitely the best one for your child. The truth is, you've already taught him more than anyone else. There are certainly benefits for you and your child when you make the choice to be a teacher at home.

There is no one in the world that knows your child better than you do. You already know what skills he has mastered, areas of success and matters that frustrate him. You know how to meet his needs and accommodate his interests and abilities, and you have already built a relationship of trust and support. These are all the tasks that classroom teachers work hard to accomplish, and can sometimes take most of the school year. Congratulations, you have already done the difficult work.

The tasks that seems most daunting to parents considering home education are figuring out what to teach, and how. Truthfully, that work has already been done for you. An Internet search will help you find the standard requirements and regulations for homeschooling your child, specified to your location. You are free to create your own lessons in order to meet the required learning outcomes, but you don't have to. There are many curriculum options that will guide you as the parent/teacher through a step-by-step process that tells you what to teach and gives you suggestions and materials to guide your instruction.

When it comes to how to teach certain subjects, there are fantastic resources such as web-based support groups and networks for homeschooling parents where you can talk with other parents and various professionals to help you with any challenges or questions you face. These groups are great for finding ideas that you may not have come up with on your own, and also sharing your shining moments as a teacher-parent. Although you may be the sole teacher in your ╦ťschool' at home, thanks to many virtual resources, you do not have to figure it all out on your own.

As a teacher in your own home, you have the ultimate freedom to teach in a way that suits your style and meets your child's needs. Even if you choose to follow a more comprehensive program you have the option to skip around, move quickly through some concepts in order to spend more time on ones that prove to be a challenge for you child. You can also help him better understand what he is learning by taking field trips or simply applying knowledge in real life situations. Learning will become an adventure for you and your little scholar. Ultimately, your student is receiving a fun, hands on education that is 100% designed just for him.

When you consider taking on another role at home- as your child's teacher, it is natural to have questions and concerns but know, that you can do it. You have the time and ability to focus solely on the needs of your child. You have the support of virtual information, resources and public forums. You have the freedom to make learning fun and peak your individual student's interest. Not only is teaching your child at home easy to do, it can be a fun, rewarding and valuable opportunity to provide your child with a one of a kind education.

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