Blog / Toddler Security

by Marguerite Malone,
September 13, 2014

We live in a very crazy unpredictable world. As adults at best we have only an idea of what the next day will bring. Life is full speed ahead with twists and turns every day. Often we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Can you imagine how a child would feel if this is the world they lived in?

Security is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give a child. In a chaotic world this can seem impossible. However, all you have to do is be consistent, dependable, respectful, and available/responsive to your child. I know this is easier said than done with the outside world pressing in on your family and personal time but it is essential to your child's well being.

Young children are learning what trust means and the best person to instill trust in their child is a parent. You are the sole provider for your child and if they cannot trust you they will not trust anyone. A deep routed sense of trust will help your child develop socially and mentally while helping them succeed in their education. It will teach them to adapt to change and new situations while helping them develop emotionally. Seems such a simple thing to give when it affects so much.

Dependable parents are constantly there for their child. Follow through on your word and do not break promises. This dependability allows children to trust giving them a secure ability to explore their world.

Consistency teaches children that the world can be predictable. Set rules and stick to them. By doing this you will teach your little one that following rules makes life more pleasant.

As adults we demand respect and we should. That being said we also need to respect our children. They are tiny little people with big souls who have their own ideas and opinions. They want to and need to make their own choices. It is good to offer your child a few choices that you are ok with and let them make decision for themselves. For example, you can wear this outfit or that one. You can have this for dinner or that for dinner.

Everyone loves attention; to be heard. Be available and responsive to your children. Listen to their questions and give them thoughtful answers. Ask about their day and show genuine interest. This helps a child to enjoy learning and teaches them how to build relationships.

I know I wake up every day praying that I don't ruin my children. I think it's a silent plea knowing I will make mistakes. Being honest, consistent and present for my children will make all the difference in the world. It will even make up for the mistakes I make.


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