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Marguerite Malone

Go to girl, problem solver and marketing manager, Marguerite Malone is a nature loving, foodie and mother of two overly energetic enthusiastic children.

Rachael Miller

I'm Rachael, and I am a teacher and a mother. I have always loved teaching and working with young children.

Traveling with Toddler
With the holiday season right around the corner, I have already started planning and preparing for t
How to Bring Up a Successful Child?
A manual for a busy parent 7 simple steps: 1. Start as soon as the child is born! Look 5 years ah
Practice, and Patience, Makes Perfect
Helping your little one master new skills can be a daunting task. As parents, we put an unnecessary
Story Time and the One-Year-Old
Story time is an excellent bonding and learning opportunity for you and your little one. Sometimes,
Literacy In Life
We read the time, the news, ingredients, menus, traffic signs, medication, school work, manuals, bir
End The Nagging
Parenting is awesome! Parenting is hard! Anyone that tells you differently is lying. I have two su
Getting Involved
The thought of sending my daughter to kindergarten was terrifying. I couldn’t believe that she was
Toddler Security
We live in a very crazy unpredictable world. As adults at best we have only an idea of what the nex
Lonely Parenting
The day I found out I was pregnant with my first child I was sitting in a hotel room in a city I’d l
Developing Safe Relationships Between Children and Pets
When you come to my house, my 22-pound one year old, and my 130-pound Great Dane will always come ru
Games To Survive The Waiting
Hurry Up And Wait! That’s the typical game we play when we rush to a last minute doctors appointmen
Toys for the One-Year-Old
In our house, toys are in abundance. I was lucky enough to give birth to the first grandchild for b
Parent And Teacher- You Can be Both
Can you educate your child at home, even though you aren't a teacher? Absolutely! If you are askin
Nurturing Children and Career, and Being Successful at Both
Working and being a parent isn't easy. Meeting the demands of a job and the needs of a family are e
Slowing Down for Our Kids’ Sake
I used to teach nine and ten year olds. As a classroom teacher, not only was it my job to teach my
KIND- Behavior Strategies for the One-Year-Old
The word discipline is most often associated with punishment. However, the definition of discipline
Less Yelling More Loving
If you're anything like me you feel like you have to ask your kids 5 times to do something and then
The Bottle Battle!
The Bottle Battle! You know what I'm talking about. The dreaded war that ensues the second you deci