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Marguerite Malone

Go to girl, problem solver and marketing manager, Marguerite Malone is a nature loving, foodie and mother of two overly energetic enthusiastic children.

Rachael Miller

I'm Rachael, and I am a teacher and a mother. I have always loved teaching and working with young children.

Behavior questions
What can I do if my child reacts negatively to having his diaper changed?
Cognitive questions
What if my budget only allows me to purchase some developmentally appropriate play activities?
Emotional development questions
How do I help my child deal with shyness and separation anxiety?
Fine motor skills questions
My one year old is interested in drawing with crayons but still puts everything in her mouth, how do I keep her from doing this?
Gross motor skills questions
My one-year-old shows no interest in trying to walk, how can I encourage her?
Kidmastermind courses questions
Do I need to use the timer for each activity?
Language and communication questions
How can I prevent my baby from having delays in language and emotional development?
Life habits questions
How do I encourage my one-year-old to try feeding himself?
Self care questions
When do I start brushing my baby's teeth?
Social development questions
How do I encourage a relationship between my toddler and relatives who live far away?