Easy Start

12-14 month old

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Kidmastermind’s Easy Start Course for children ages 12-14 months is an experience in language development, exploration and sensory activities.

Each week of the course, our youngest students are exposed to songs, rhymes and articulation exercises the will enhance and develop language skills. Activities such as “The Baby Hammers”, “Talking Tubes”, “Wibble Wobble” and “Who is That?”, will provide your child the opportunity to learn new sounds and phrases and encourage your child to vocalize sounds they already know.
Many of the rhymes and songs also contain a movement component that will help your child develop small and large muscle groups for growth in coordination, balance, and walking.

Babies will be encouraged to explore their environments through sensory activities that utilize water, sand, and everyday objects. And with each of these sensory activities, there is an opportunity for more language development as you child sees, feels, smells, hears, and even tastes objects in their environment. Parents will learn to talk to their children in descriptive terms so that vocabulary introduction and retention is achieved.