Easy Start

15-17 month old

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The KidMastermind Easy Start Course for children ages 15-17 months includes language, cognitive and movement activities.

This course will enrich your child’s vocabulary through the use of easy finger plays, rhymes and articulation exercises. Children will learn to vocalize more sounds and learn simple words. Every activity will provide your child with the opportunity to develop language skills.

Cognitive processes will be developed as your child engages in activities with blocks, mirrors, ramps, balloons and simple hide and seek games. In this course, there are simple color identification and early numeracy activities that will introduce your child to colors and counting.

This course also provides for  large and small muscle developments through the many motor activities. Toddlers will enjoy climbing, jumping, sliding and easy ball games. These activities will improve your child’s eye hand coordination, and balance.  Small motor activities that prepare your child for future writing include coloring, pipe cleaner sculpting and ribbon activities.