Easy Start

21-23 month old

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The KidMastermind Easy Start Course for children ages 21-23 months is designed for the young toddler with growing language, math and pre-writing skills.

This course uses toddler friendly stories to increase vocabulary and develop listening and comprehension skills.  As with our other courses, well know songs and rhymes are also used to aid in language development.  Children begin to understand the concept of opposites and learn about making choices, emotions and completing tasks independently.

Math exposure is increased in the 21 month Easy Start Course as well. Children will continue with easy numeracy activities but will also have the opportunity to complete matching, grouping, and positional word games.  The activities are easy to prepare and fun to do!

Active toddlers will also enjoy the many movement activities that will develop muscles, balance and coordination.  Pre-writing activities include coloring, creative playdough experiences, and writing exercises.