Easy Start

54-60 month old

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Step by step classes to play with your child!

The main goal of the course is to develop crucial early childhood skills through daily play and exciting activities.

In addition, you will learn strategies to communicate more effectively with your child. You will better understand her needs and interests, and you will be able to significantly contribute to your child’s education and development. As a result, your child will learn and grow, while your family dynamic continues to improve.

You will develop a habit of daily training. This consistent interaction with your child will lead to successful results and will positively impact your child’s future development.

You and your child will play together every day, enjoying the activities and your time together; this approach is a wonderful way for your child to learn. You will teach the way you wish you had been taught.

As a result of this program, you will:
- understand your child better
- play games every day
- create the basis of your child’s love of learning
- invest your time in your child’s success

Who Is This Course Developed For?
This course is ideal for moms, dads, grandmas, and grandpas who want to educate (outside of childcare) and understand their child but do not have a great deal of time to do it.

Course Points.
The course is adapted to your child’s developmental needs, as identified and emphasized by you, the parent.