Purposeful Play

12-14 month old

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Step by step classes to play with your child!

This program is a three-month course with activities designed for daily education. Why three months? The three month schedule allows sufficient time for new skills to appear, form, and become part of your child’s inner world. During this period of time, your child will develop new knowledge and skills (to hold a crayon, to rip paper, to walk, etc.). She will play interesting games with you, her parent, while developing her skills.

Learning activities and education will become part of your daily routine. Your child will thrive with a consistent schedule and will look forward to the daily learning activities.

The foundation of the course is the same for everyone, but classes will vary from child to child. The classes selected for your child’s program depends on your goals and your child’s current development level.

A personal teacher will be the parent’s main assistant. She will work closely with you throughout the duration of the program, helping you assess and monitor your child’s development. The teacher will be available to answer your questions, encourage you to educate your child, provide feedback about your child’s results and success. Every month, the teacher will work with you to review your goals and adjust your program accordingly.

You will find that educating your child is fun. The main thing, however, is that you will see your child progress; growth and changes that were possible due to your help and involvement!

Who Is This Course Developed For?
This course is ideal for parents and grandparents who want to raise a child who will grow up to be a happy, confident, successful, and well-rounded individual. It is for caregivers who want to build a relationship with a child and are ready to invest just 15 minutes per day for the child’s development.  

Course Points.
The course is personally-made for each young student. The professional teacher with whom you will be working will develop the content of the program based on your child’s needs.  This teacher will answer your questions and will provide feedback about your child’s development. Additionally, the teacher will assist you in creating appropriate goals for your child and will revise them as the child reaches each milestone.  

Photo-steps for classes.
KidMastermind added photo-steps to classes to make them easier to understand. This program has thousands of activities and we are adding photos to these activities every day.  If a class does not have a photo and you need help understanding please do not hesitate to contact your teacher for additional instruction.