Learning Through Playing

50 ideas to play with your child together

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This book was created to provide you with an organized child development strategy. It describes how to have an enthusiastic play-based approach to parenting and it will ensure that parents don't miss out on the important developmental stages of childhood.

A play based approach to learning stimulates the child to think independently, explore materials and ideas, and receive attentive nurturing from an adult. The activities in this book include investigative approaches through play. The play activities are based on the fundamental skills essential for the whole child.

Each segment of the book has seven activities essential for scaffolding instruction. A child may have the experience of “painting with trucks” to increase social emotional progress, using a “ribbon pull drawer” to map cognitive processes, and make decisions with “star match” a game where attributes of stars are matched.

Playing closely with a child is a profoundly effective way to prioritize limitations of time. The extraordinary preciousness of play will deliver an abundance of joyful family interaction. The role of “playmate”, “practical parent”, “guideline maker”, and “nurturer” are each one quarter of the whole approach.

Play needs to include the child’s preferences, intentional mutuality, gentleness, and fun. Play does not need to be excitable. Play requires that the parent take differentiated instruction strategies into consideration. Play demands communication. Children will communicate and express their truths safely when precious play environments are accessible and consistent.

We wish you spend wonderful minutes with your child playing,

Beth Price, BS Early Childhood, Certified teacher, 20+ years of experience
Wendy Bundgaard, MED Early Childhood, Certified teacher, 25+ years of experience
Rachael Miller, Master of Education, Certified teacher, 10+ years of experience
Early childhood educators of KidMastermind University for Parents