Raising a Happiest Toddler

70 activities to raise well developed child

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Many descriptive words come to mind when thinking about toddlerhood: fun, exciting, proud, exhausting, challenging, tiring, encouraging and frustrating. Why can so many adjectives be used to describe this time in your child’s life? It’s because children of this age are growing and developing at such a rapid rate, and the physical and cognitive changes that toddlers experience provoke a variety of emotional responses from parents and caregivers.

The time between the ages of 18 and 27 months, your child leaves much of their “baby” characteristics behind and begins to grow into a confident, independent, toddler with their own distinct personality. During this time, parents should be exposing their children to and providing many different learning activities that will engage the child and provide them with opportunities to development physically, emotionally and cognitively.

A newborn’s brain is roughly 25 percent of it’s approximate adult weight. By age three, the toddlers brain has grown to nearly ninety percent of it’s adult size. Millions of connections are created, strengthened and discarded. It is no surprise that during this time your child’s capacity for language, problem solving, and mastery of physical skills has expanded greatly.

Providing your child with an environment that will support this rapid growth is essential. The play environment should be child friendly and allow for safe exploration. A curious and active toddler’s development could be stifled if there are too many “untouchable” objects in their path. In addition to the child friendly environment, the parent’s interactions with the child should be energetic, positive and most of all--fun! It is the enthusiastic attitude of the parent that will set the stage for successful learning.

The 70 activities provided in this book are made especially for busy parents. They are easy to prepare and implement. Children will have opportunities to participate in social, physical, cognitive, language, literacy, math and science activities. Get ready to learn, have fun and support your child in his or her’s development and growth!

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