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Bears and Fish

Teaches colors, improves small motor skills and develops logical thinking

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Bears and Fishes - fun and educational game for little ones from 12 months old. It develops cognitive awareness and teaches your child how to make correct decisions based on their knowledge of colors. At the same time your child will improve and develop small motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

• 4 levels of difficulty.
• 6 bears to fead
• 6 colors to learn
• 14 hidden prizes to find
• beautiful art and wonderful male and child narration
• lots of animations inside
• positive technology use: no-adds or text
• parental control and time limits

In this game kiddo will meet 6 bears and will try to catch fish for them. The game will require that he/she concentrates but they will be having fun completing the task.

If you want to know more about you child's progress in this game you can connect this game with the KidMastermind University application and follow their progress after each game through game session reports.
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