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Primary math skills: numbers, count

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Let your child investigate with an adventure in numbers!

This is an innovative educational approach to numeracy for early learners. This approach was developed by ECE teachers. Young children count conceptually utilizing associations and memory.

This application offers a variety of different games. The games will elicit an energized response from the early learner about the educational process.

Each number corresponds with an adventure. The child will meet a dragon, grow a tree, and color a rainbow. The child inadvertently learns about numeracy through additional and similar adventurous tasks. These games are truly captivating and will hold a child’s interest while keeping the child actively involved in the investigation process. Simultaneously, the child will be acquiring the skill of number identification.

• 9 numbers: count and add
• 81 game scenes
• 36 games to learn numbers
• 36 games to develop counting skills
• Extraordinary artwork
• Gripping animations
• Exceptional sound design
• Narrated descriptions of each scene
• Positive iPad usage with time restrictions
• One unit of an educationally scaffolded course (Purposeful Play)
• Emphasis on complexities in gradients for each child

KidMastermind is a university for parents that provides innovative educational products for families. Each product of the company has been developed by extensively trained professionals. KidMastermind was carefully constructed to help busy parents stay connected with their children. We’re certain that early intervention by parents will profoundly impact the academic enthusiasm of early learners.