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Hungry Critters

Teaches differentiation of objects by its assignments

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• 7 different animals (cat, dog, cow, chicken, giraffe, elephant, monkey);
• 10 surprises that are used as rewards;
• 1 gnome who helps the child if he/she has some problems playing the game.

• Educational game based on a learning through play approach and American standards. The focuses are fun, education and interaction;
• Develops cognitive skills and milestones through "Organizing objects by their function" for babies age 12 month - 24 months +
• 4 levels of difficulty. Each level is based on age appropriate milestones. It tests child’s knowledge of food for animals by it’s color and differentiating between edible/inedible and provides more challenging tasks when he/ she makes no mistakes or improves his/her knowledge of food by its’ culinary properties;
• Positive use with time limit, ensuring that there won’t be any harmful impact on the child’s eyes, brain circuitry, and concentration.

Purposeful play course is focused on a learning through play approach and is based on developmentally appropriate milestones and is differentiated based on each child's interests and needs.
This game is a part of the course. The child and parent enjoy the process together experiencing pleasurable moments. You can play this game separately or use it in conjunction with the educational course. You will be surprised with your child’s knowledge and abilities and about your own instinctive teaching capabilities in a month (especially if you use the game and course together). As a parent, you fully understand the talents, inclinations and needs of your child.

Educators recommend monitoring your child and playing along side of them because playing along is not productive for children. Try to schedule time to play this game with your child. Interactive play will provide communicative and cooperative relationships for families. It will strengthen and secure trusting relationships and promote lifelong bonding.